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The names of certified expert surgeon in 2023

Update: August 4, 2023

Board certification system for expert surgeon

The names of certified expert surgeon in 2023 are listed below;

What is a board certified expert surgeon?
The names of certified expert surgeon

Certification Number:23-0001
Hisateru Komatsu
Certification Number:23-0002
Yoshihiro Shirai
Certification Number:23-0003
Hideyo Mukubou
Certification Number:23-0004
Yuto Kamioka
Certification Number:23-0005
Yuto Aoki
Certification Number:23-0006
Kohei Nishio
Certification Number:23-0007
Kiyohiko Omichi
Certification Number:23-0008
Hisanobu Higashi
Certification Number:23-0009
Taisuke Imamura
Certification Number:23-0010
Fumihiro Kawano
Certification Number:23-0011
Sojun Hoshimoto
Certification Number:23-0012
Satoshi Yokoyama
Certification Number:23-0013
Keiichi Akahoshi
Certification Number:23-0014
Shinya Okumura
Certification Number:23-0015
Toshiaki Terauchi
Certification Number:23-0016
Makoto Takahashi
Certification Number:23-0017
Masaki Yamamoto
Certification Number:23-0018
Yuki Nagata
Certification Number:23-0019
Akihiko Takagi
Certification Number:23-0020
Shimpei Maeda
Certification Number:23-0021
Kojiro Nakamura
Certification Number:23-0022
Tatsuyuki Takadate
Certification Number:23-0023
Takaaki Osawa
Certification Number:23-0024
Tomohide Hori
Certification Number:23-0025
Daisuke Asano
Certification Number:23-0026
Tomoya Kishimoto
Certification Number:23-0027
Kosuke Kobayashi
Certification Number:23-0028
Takaharu Kato
Certification Number:23-0029
Masaaki Kataoka
Certification Number:23-0030
Yuzuru Sakamoto
Certification Number:23-0031
Hiroshi Yagi
Certification Number:23-0032
Naoyuki Tokunaga
Certification Number:23-0033
Ryo Morisue
Certification Number:23-0034
Atene Ito
Certification Number:23-0035
Masayuki Tanaka
Certification Number:23-0036
Hiroaki Sugita
Certification Number:23-0037
Lee Dongha
Certification Number:23-0038
Shigemasa Suzuki
Certification Number:23-0039
Tomokazu  Fuji 
Certification Number:23-0040
Naoki Ikenaga
Certification Number:23-0041
Kazuya Yasui
Certification Number:23-0042
Jungo Yasuda
Certification Number:23-0043
Hiroki Kajioka
Certification Number:23-0044
Takashi Onoe
Certification Number:23-0045
Yoriko Nomura
Certification Number:23-0046
Satoru Abe
Certification Number:23-0047
Hirotaka Kuga
Certification Number:23-0048
Toru Watanabe
Certification Number:23-0049
Kenjiro Date
Certification Number:23-0050
Masanori Akashi
Certification Number:23-0051
Keiichi Yazawa
Certification Number:23-0052
Akinari Miyazaki
Certification Number:23-0053
Yasuji Hashimoto
Certification Number:23-0054
Haruyuki Tsuchiya
Certification Number:23-0055
Shunsuke Tamura
Certification Number:23-0056
Kato Tomotaka
Certification Number:23-0057
Akiko Nakazawa
Certification Number:23-0058
Shoji Kawakatsu
Certification Number:23-0059
Hayato Nagase
Certification Number:23-0060
Jun Yoshino
Certification Number:23-0061
Kazuhiro Takami
Certification Number:23-0062
Yoshikuni Inokawa
Certification Number:23-0063
Ryota Kiuchi
Certification Number:23-0064
Yusuke Abe
Certification Number:23-0065
Takeshi Murakami
Certification Number:23-0066
Kan Toriguchi
Certification Number:23-0067
Akihiko Ichida
Certification Number:23-0068
Haruki Mori
Certification Number:23-0069
Yuhei Hamaguchi
Certification Number:23-0070
Takayuki Minami
Certification Number:23-0071
Ryosuke Kobayashi
Certification Number:23-0072
Hidefumi Kubo
Certification Number:23-0073
Shingo Kozono
Certification Number:23-0074
Muga Terasawa
Certification Number:23-0075
Sho Yasuta
Certification Number:23-0076
Takuya Minagawa
Certification Number:23-0077
Kazuhiro Tada
Certification Number:23-0078
Masaya Inoue
Certification Number:23-0079
Hiroaki Ono
Certification Number:23-0080
Haruyoshi Tanaka
Certification Number:23-0081
Kentaro Miyake
Certification Number:23-0082
Hajime Imamura
Certification Number:23-0083
Hiroyuki Tahara
Certification Number:23-0084
Yuichi Aoki
Certification Number:23-0085
Yuki Hirose
Certification Number:23-0086
Toshihiko Yoshida
Certification Number:23-0087
Yuichi Goto
Certification Number:23-0088
Jun Muto
Certification Number:23-0089
Yasuhide Kofunato
Certification Number:23-0090
Atsushi Miyamoto
Certification Number:23-0091
Kazuhiro Mori
Certification Number:23-0092
Gozo Kiguchi
Certification Number:23-0093
Masaya Munekage

Board certification system for expert surgeon