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The names of certified expert surgeon in 2022

Update: August 4, 2022

Board certification system for expert surgeon

The names of certified expert surgeon in 2022 are listed below;

What is a board certified expert surgeon?
The names of certified expert surgeon

Certification Number:22-0001
Yoshitaro Shindo
Certification Number:22-0002
Yoshiyasu Kato
Certification Number:22-0003
Mayumi Hoshikawa
Certification Number:22-0004
Ryo Kamimura
Certification Number:22-0005
Naoya Sasaki
Certification Number:22-0006
Ryota Matsuki
Certification Number:22-0007
Kenji Shimizu
Certification Number:22-0008
Akinori Miyata
Certification Number:22-0009
Shigeki Nakagawa
Certification Number:22-0010
Kohei Mishima
Certification Number:22-0011
Manabu Mikamori
Certification Number:22-0012
Koji Miyazawa
Certification Number:22-0013
Kazue Morishima
Certification Number:22-0014
Junichi Yamakawa
Certification Number:22-0015
Takeshi Takamoto
Certification Number:22-0016
Keisuke Arai
Certification Number:22-0017
Kei Tamura
Certification Number:22-0018
Go Oshima
Certification Number:22-0019
Mariko Kamiya
Certification Number:22-0020
Naomi Kuroki
Certification Number:22-0021
Hironori Yamashita
Certification Number:22-0022
Akira Shimizu
Certification Number:22-0023
Nobuyuki Nishizawa
Certification Number:22-0024
Koichi Tomita
Certification Number:22-0025
Shunichi Imai
Certification Number:22-0026
Jiro Yoshimoto
Certification Number:22-0027
Minako Nagai
Certification Number:22-0028
Yutaka Takigawa
Certification Number:22-0029
Hidetoshi Aizawa
Certification Number:22-0030
Chisato Takagi
Certification Number:22-0031
Michinori Hamaoka
Certification Number:22-0032
Toshimitsu Irei
Certification Number:22-0033
Yusuke Nakayama
Certification Number:22-0034
Genki Watanabe
Certification Number:22-0035
Masahiko Kinoshita
Certification Number:22-0036
Sakae Maeda
Certification Number:22-0037
Toshiyasu Kawahara
Certification Number:22-0038
Yoshinobu Ikeno
Certification Number:22-0039
Takayuki Suzuki
Certification Number:22-0040
Yusuke Mitsuka
Certification Number:22-0041
Naoki Yagi
Certification Number:22-0042
Hironobu Suto
Certification Number:22-0043
Satoshi Ogiso
Certification Number:22-0044
Kazuharu Igarashi
Certification Number:22-0045
Daisuke Suzuki
Certification Number:22-0046
Makoto Takeda
Certification Number:22-0047
Tetsuya Idichi
Certification Number:22-0048
Nanako Fujikawa
Certification Number:22-0049
Keiko Kamei
Certification Number:22-0050
Nobutake Tanaka
Certification Number:22-0051
Akira Watanabe
Certification Number:22-0052
Toshiya Higashi
Certification Number:22-0053
Masaharu Ishida
Certification Number:22-0054
Kenta Sui
Certification Number:22-0055
Takeshi Koujima
Certification Number:22-0056
Takehiro Fujii
Certification Number:22-0057
Mariko Tsukagoshi
Certification Number:22-0058
Mihoko Yamada
Certification Number:22-0059
Hirosuke Ishikawa
Certification Number:22-0060
Shingo Seo
Certification Number:22-0061
So Nakamura
Certification Number:22-0062
Jun Tauchi
Certification Number:22-0063
Shimpei Otsuka
Certification Number:22-0064
Kazuyuki Gyoten
Certification Number:22-0065
Shuichi Aoki
Certification Number:22-0066
Masatoshi Kajiwara
Certification Number:22-0067
Naoya Imamura
Certification Number:22-0068
Shoji Kanno
Certification Number:22-0069
Kyohei Ariake
Certification Number:22-0070
Tatsuya Hayashi
Certification Number:22-0071
Masaaki Murakawa
Certification Number:22-0072
Chikato Koga
Certification Number:22-0073
Tomonori Shimbo
Certification Number:22-0074
Junichi Kaneko
Certification Number:22-0075
Teruhide Ishigame
Certification Number:22-0076
Rei Okada
Certification Number:22-0077
Yoshiharu Kono
Certification Number:22-0078
Ikumi Hamano
Certification Number:22-0079
Toru Sano

Board certification system for expert surgeon