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The names of certified expert surgeon in 2021

Update: July 14, 2021

Board certification system for expert surgeon

The names of certified expert surgeon in 2021 are listed below;

What is a board certified expert surgeon?
The names of certified expert surgeon

Certification Number:21-0001
Isamu Hosokawa
Certification Number:21-0002
Norimitsu Okui
Certification Number:21-0003
Chie Takishita
Certification Number:21-0004
Masaru Matsumura
Certification Number:21-0005
Yu Kumagai
Certification Number:21-0006
Ryuta Shintakuya
Certification Number:21-0007
Kenta Saito
Certification Number:21-0008
Osamu Shimomura
Certification Number:21-0009
Masahiro Iseki
Certification Number:21-0010
Nao Yoshida
Certification Number:21-0011
Ryuichi Nishimura
Certification Number:21-0012
Shuichi Iwahashi
Certification Number:21-0013
Yuta Kobayashi
Certification Number:21-0014
Masaharu Kogure
Certification Number:21-0015
Toshiya Abe
Certification Number:21-0016
Mizuki Ninomiya
Certification Number:21-0017
Yukihiro Okuda
Certification Number:21-0018
Yoshiteru Katsura
Certification Number:21-0019
Shinichiro Ono
Certification Number:21-0020
Fumiya Sato
Certification Number:21-0021
Kohei Miura
Certification Number:21-0022
Kimitaka Tanaka
Certification Number:21-0023
Yusuke Fujita
Certification Number:21-0024
Shinji Hahimoto
Certification Number:21-0025
Takamichi Igarashi
Certification Number:21-0026
Shouichi Satou
Certification Number:21-0027
Akihisa Nagatsu
Certification Number:21-0028
Ken Fukumitsu
Certification Number:21-0029
Shinichi Hosokawa
Certification Number:21-0030
Ryuji Yoshioka
Certification Number:21-0031
Shinichiro Yamada
Certification Number:21-0032
Takashi Ito
Certification Number:21-0033
Kei Asukai
Certification Number:21-0034
Masaya Suenaga
Certification Number:21-0035
Tomoki Ryu
Certification Number:21-0036
Katsuhisa Hirano
Certification Number:21-0037
Daisuke Tsugawa
Certification Number:21-0038
Yoshiya Ishikawa
Certification Number:21-0039
Tomokazu Tanaka
Certification Number:21-0040
Takeomi Hamada
Certification Number:21-0041
Yohei Mano
Certification Number:21-0042
Naoto Yamamoto
Certification Number:21-0043
Katsuyoshi Baba
Certification Number:21-0044
Tomohiro Kanda
Certification Number:21-0045
Takanobu Hara
Certification Number:21-0046
Yu Sawada
Certification Number:21-0047
Masayuki Kojima
Certification Number:21-0048
Yoshinao Ohbatake
Certification Number:21-0049
Isamu Makino
Certification Number:21-0050
Mitsuyoshi Okazaki
Certification Number:21-0051
Yoshiyuki Wada
Certification Number:21-0052
Tomoyuki Abe
Certification Number:21-0053
Nobuyasu Suzuki
Certification Number:21-0054
Yusuke Ome
Certification Number:21-0055
Masahiro Ohira
Certification Number:21-0056
Taku Ohashi
Certification Number:21-0057
Masaharu Tada
Certification Number:21-0058
Ikuo Nakamura
Certification Number:21-0059
Akira Matsushita
Certification Number:21-0060
Katsunori Furukawa
Certification Number:21-0061
Hidetoshi Nitta
Certification Number:21-0062
Minoru Nagayama

Board certification system for expert surgeon