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The names of certified expert surgeon in 2020

Update: July 15, 2020

Board certification system for expert surgeon

The names of certified expert surgeon in 2020 are listed below;

What is a board certified expert surgeon?
The names of certified expert surgeon

Certification Number:20-0001
Okada Kenjiro
Certification Number:20-0002
Maehira Hiromitsu
Certification Number:20-0003
Nakanishi Wataru
Certification Number:20-0004
Ei Shigenori
Certification Number:20-0005
Hashimoto Takuya
Certification Number:20-0006
Matsuo Yoichi
Certification Number:20-0007
Nakajima Takayoshi
Certification Number:20-0008
Maruyama Tomohiro
Certification Number:20-0009
Kitaguchi Kazuhiko
Certification Number:20-0010
Homma Yuki
Certification Number:20-0011
Nakanishi Yoshitsugu
Certification Number:20-0012
Mikuriya Yoshihiro
Certification Number:20-0013
Hara Yasuyuki
Certification Number:20-0014
Okubo Satoshi
Certification Number:20-0015
Watanabe Nobuyuki
Certification Number:20-0016
Ishizawa Takeaki
Certification Number:20-0017
Toyama Hirochika
Certification Number:20-0018
Hayashi Hironori
Certification Number:20-0019
Fukushima Kenji
Certification Number:20-0020
Takano Kabuto
Certification Number:20-0021
Katada Tomohiro
Certification Number:20-0022
Komeda Koji
Certification Number:20-0023
Terai Sachio
Certification Number:20-0024
Oshima Minoru
Certification Number:20-0025
Shimizu Tetsunosuke
Certification Number:20-0026
Koneri Kenji
Certification Number:20-0027
Ohmura Yoshiaki
Certification Number:20-0028
Ichida Hirofumi
Certification Number:20-0029
Hayasaki Aoi
Certification Number:20-0030
Hata Taigo
Certification Number:20-0031
Takayashiki Tsukasa
Certification Number:20-0032
Kitamura Koji
Certification Number:20-0033
Sawada Shigeaki
Certification Number:20-0034
Okumura Satoshi
Certification Number:20-0035
Takami Hideki
Certification Number:20-0036
Hagiwara Masahiro
Certification Number:20-0037
Iwasaki Junji
Certification Number:20-0038
Noguchi Kozo
Certification Number:20-0039
Nakanuma Shinichi
Certification Number:20-0040
Nakano Yutaka
Certification Number:20-0041
Honda Masayuki
Certification Number:20-0042
Iwagami Yoshifumi
Certification Number:20-0043
Matsumoto Takatsugu
Certification Number:20-0044
Kato Hiroyuki
Certification Number:20-0045
Takizawa Kazuyasu
Certification Number:20-0046
Sato Takafumi
Certification Number:20-0047
Yabushita Yasuhiro
Certification Number:20-0048
Abe Kyohei
Certification Number:20-0049
Yamashita Shingo

Board certification system for expert surgeon