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The names of certified expert surgeon in 2019

Update: August 23, 2019

Board certification system for expert surgeon

The names of certified expert surgeon in 2019 are listed below;

What is a board certified expert surgeon?
The names of certified expert surgeon

Certification Number:19-0001
Watanabe Nobuyuki
Certification Number:19-0002
Komori Shuji
Certification Number:19-0003
Kameyama Shinichiro
Certification Number:19-0004
Ono Yoshihiro
Certification Number:19-0005
Matsumoto Taku
Certification Number:19-0006
Kitamura HIroaki
Certification Number:19-0007
Maki Akira
Certification Number:19-0008
Wakayama Kenji
Certification Number:19-0009
Natsume Toshiyuki
Certification Number:19-0010
Takahashi Yusuke
Certification Number:19-0011
Yamada Daisaku
Certification Number:19-0012
Oba Atsushi
Certification Number:19-0013
Takeishi Kazuki
Certification Number:19-0014
Ashida Ryo
Certification Number:19-0015
Masuda Takashi
Certification Number:19-0016
Imai Katsunori
Certification Number:19-0017
Sugawara Shuichiro
Certification Number:19-0018
Shibuya Kazuto
Certification Number:19-0019
Kudo Masashi
Certification Number:19-0020
Ito Ryusuke
Certification Number:19-0021
Iguchi Tomohiro
Certification Number:19-0022
Onda Shinji
Certification Number:19-0023
Miyata Yoichi
Certification Number:19-0024
Kimura Norihisa
Certification Number:19-0025
Hiyoshi Masahide
Certification Number:19-0026
Kawasaki Yota
Certification Number:19-0027
Nakata Kohei
Certification Number:19-0028
Okada Ryo
Certification Number:19-0029
Ohgi Katsuhisa
Certification Number:19-0030
Takata Hideyuki
Certification Number:19-0031
Sato Mamoru
Certification Number:19-0032
Onoe Shunsuke
Certification Number:19-0033
Kubo Norio
Certification Number:19-0034
Kayashima Hiroto
Certification Number:19-0035
Takeda Yoshinori
Certification Number:19-0036
Noro Takuji
Certification Number:19-0037
Kamo Naoko
Certification Number:19-0038
Hata Toshiyuki
Certification Number:19-0039
Arita Junichi
Certification Number:19-0040
Tanaka Motofumi
Certification Number:19-0041
Katagiri Hirokatsu
Certification Number:19-0042
Katayama Masafumi
Certification Number:19-0043
Kyoden Yusuke
Certification Number:19-0044
Tamoto Eiji
Certification Number:19-0045
Saito Yu
Certification Number:19-0046
Ueki Shinya
Certification Number:19-0047
Tokumo Masaki
Certification Number:19-0048
Terada Takuro
Certification Number:19-0049
Iizawa Yusuke
Certification Number:19-0050
Oishi Koichi
Certification Number:19-0051
Kanehira Masaru
Certification Number:19-0052
Kumamoto Takafumi
Certification Number:19-0053
Hata Koichiro

Board certification system for expert surgeon