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Emergence of board certified expert surgeons(Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic field)

Update: January 10, 2017

Board certification system for expert surgeon

In June 2011, “board certified expert surgeons,” i.e., surgeons certified to have a high level of skill in the field of hepatobiliary-pancreatic surgery, made their first appearance in the world arena.
It is greatly anticipated that the emergence of these expert surgeons will elevate the practice of medicine in Japan and contribute to both the welfare of the people and the progress of hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery.

What is a board certified expert surgeon?
Certified expert surgeons, by name

The first accredited physicians are introduced below.

Certification Number: 11-0001
Masanao Kurata
Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer and Infectious diseases Center Komagome Hospital
Certification Number: 11-0002
Yukio Iwashita
Oita University Hospital
Certification Number: 11-0003
Atsushi Miyoshi
Saga University Hospital
Certification Number: 11-0004
Yuko Takami
National Hospital Organization Kyushu Medical Center
Certification Number: 11-0005
Hiroshi Yoshida
Tohoku University Hospital
Certification Number: 11-0006
Ippei Matsumoto
Kobe University Hospital
Certification Number: 11-0007
Manabu Kawai
Wakayama Medical University Hospital
Certification Number: 11-0008
Hiroki Hayashi
Tohoku University Hospital
Certification Number: 11-0009
Hideto Ochiai
Iwata City Hospital
Certification Number: 11-0010
Eiji Tsujita
Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital & Atomic-bomb Survivors Hospital
Certification Number: 11-0011
Toshihiko Kohashi
Hiroshima Prefectural Hospital
Certification Number: 11-0012
Tokyo Women's Medical University Medical Center East

Board certification system for expert surgeon