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Conflict of interest

Update: January 5, 2017

Scope of Disclosure

Conflicts of interest that authors are obligated to disclose are limited to matters in connection with companies or for-profit organizations connected with the submission content.

At the Time of Manuscript Submission

Authors of the society’s official journal the Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Sciences or other publications must clearly indicate at the time of submission any conflicts of interest by means of Author Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships, which is prescribed in the Instructions to Authors. Conflicts of interest should be stated at the end of a research paper immediately before the references. If no conflict exists, authors should state “The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.” With regard to conflicts of interest to be clearly indicated at the time of submission, authors shall disclose matters prescribed below. Matters for which disclosure is required shall be matters that occur from one year before paper submission to the time of submission.

  1. Presenting authors who are officers or advisors of companies or for-profit organizations shall report annual remuneration from a single company or organization of 1,000,000 yen(equivalent) or more.
  2. Presenting authors shall report stock ownership in cases where profit (the sum of dividends and profit on sale) from shares of a single company during a one-year period is 1,000,000 yen(equivalent) or more or where they own 5% or more of the total shares.
  3. Presenting authors shall report patent royalties or licensing fees from companies or for-profit organizations in cases where royalties or licensing fees for a single patent are 1,000,000 yen(equivalent) or more per year.
  4. Presenting authors shall report honoraria (such as lecture fees) paid by a company or for-profit organization as compensation for the time or labor of a researcher engaged for conference attendance (presentation) in cases where annual honoraria from a single company or organization are 500,000 yen(equivalent) or more.
  5. Presenting authors shall report manuscript fees paid from companies or for-profit organizations as compensation for writing for a pamphlet or other publication in cases where annual manuscript fees from a single company or organization are 500,000 yen (equivalent) or more.
  6. Presenting authors shall report research funding from companies or for-profit organizations provide in cases where the total amount of research funding paid for a single instance of clinical research is 2,000,000 yen(equivalent) or more. Presenting authors shall report scholarships (grants) in cases where the total annual amount paid to a single research leader from a single company or organization is 2,000,000 yen(equivalent) or more.
    Moreover, the author shall report if the author belongs to lecture or course financially maintained by private donations of company.
  7. Presenting authors shall report other remuneration (travel, gifts, or other in-kind payments not directly related to research) in cases where the annual remuneration received from a single company or organization is 50,000 yen(equivalent) or more.
    (following Japanese Society of Clinical Oncology)

(modified with permission form Japan Society of Clinical Oncology)