Japanese Society of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery

Annual Meeting
Official Journal


Update: September 12, 2017


Japanese Society of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery
General incorporated association (JSHBPS)


October, 1993

Mission statement:

The mission of this incorporated association is to improve and to develop general academic research and knowledge on hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery and, further, to encourage the interchange of information with related international academic societies.

Association activities:

  1. To hold academic conferences on hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery
  2. Publication of the official journal
  3. To conduct business operations related to accrediting board certified expert surgeons in the hepatobiliary-pancreatic field
  4. Communication and cooperation with corporations and parties having management/activities objectives similar to those of this Corporation
  5. Activities necessary to achieve the corporate objectives

Official journal:

Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Sciences(JHBPS)


  • Proceedings of the meeting of policy holders
  • Reports of research results


  1. Composition
    (physicians approving the objectives of this Society)
    Board certified training institutions for board certified
    expert surgeons (hepatobiliary-pancreatic field)
    A…113 institutions    B…118 institutions
    Board certified expert surgeons
    (hepatobiliary-pancreatic field) … 219
    Board certified instructors
    (hepatobiliary-pancreatic field)… 631
    Emeritus Board Certified Instructor
    (hepatobiliary-pancreatic field)… 81
    (As of July 31 2017)
  2. Executives et al;
    23 board of directors
    1,425 councillors
    4 honorary Presidents
    52 honorary members
    83 special members
    (As of July 31 2017)

Committees in miscellaneous categories;

Investigative committee for the future of the Society
Finance committee
Scientific Committee
Committee of planning educational seminor in region
Statute Commmittee
Ethics committee
International exchange committee
Japan Chapter(A-P HPBA/IHPBA)
Councillors selection committee
Editorial board
Committee of the board certification system for expert surgeons
(hepatobiliary-pancreatic field)
Accredition committee of the board certified training institutions
(hepatobiliary-pancreatic field)
Joint Accredition committee of the qualification of the board certified
expert surgeons & instructors(hepatobiliary-pancreatic field)
Skill accreditation committee
Committee of health care services provided by health insurance
Committee for the selection of the prizes from the Society
Committee of the clinical practice guidelines for the management of biliary tract cancers
Committee for the classification of biliary tract cancers
Committee of the results from the biliary tract cancer statistics registry
Project committee
Joint project committee
Committee for International special project of cholangitis and cholecistitis
Database committee
Conflicts of interest committee
Endoscopic surgery-related committee
Committee related to pediatric hepatobiliary-pancreatic surgery
Committee related to hepatic and pancreatic transplantation
Publicity committee
Safety management committee

Annual membership fee:

  1. Regular members…15,000 yen
  2. Councillors…25,000 yen
  3. Honorary Presidents,
    honorary members&special members       …not applicable

Fiscal year:

From April 1~March 31 the following year


Yotsuya TT Building 3F, 1-15 Sumiyoshi-cho, Shinjyuku-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 162-0065
TEL: +81-3-6380-4341 FAX: +81-3-3356-4381
E-mail: info@jshbps.jp

Staff members of secretariant:

Cheif manager; 1
Other staff members; 3