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Tokyo Guidelines 2013(TG13)

Free Full text of TG13


  The free full-text of “TG13: Updated Tokyo guidelines for Management of Acute Cholangitis and Acute Cholecystitis” is now available in online of JHBPS (Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Sciences).
  The URL of the text is shown below;

Mobile applicatin of TG13

 Digest of TG13 including the calculators of diagnostic criteria and severity assessment of Acute cholangitis and cholecystitis is now available with a mobile application (for i-Phone, Android) and you will be able to download the application through the sites of “Apple store” and “Google play”.
 The URLs and QR codes of the sites are shown below;

Apple store (for i-Phone users)

Google Play (for Android users)

Search and install an application named "Tokyo Guidelines (TG13)" on your mobile.
The application is free of charge.